Belgian Bowl


BELGIAN BOWL XXXI will be played on June 30th 2018 in BERINGEN

The game will oppose two of the current 4 contenders of the playoffs:

Brussels Black Angels, Limburg Shotguns, Brussels Tigers and Antwerp Argonauts


The first Belgian Bowl was organized in 1995 and received number VIII because it was the eight time a Belgian Champion in American Football was crowned. Before that, the Belgian champion was the team that had the most wins during the regular season. In 2003 no Belgian Bowl was organized, but the Brussels Black Angels were crowned National Champions because they had the most wins that season.

Championship of Belgium (1987–1994)

Year      Champion

1987      Mouscron Redskins

1988      Brussels Raiders

1989      Brussels Raiders

1990      Brussels Raiders

1991      Brussels Raiders

1992      Leuven Lions

1993      Luxembourg Red Lions

1994      Brussels Raiders

Belgian Bowl (from 1995)

Bowl Year


Runner-up Result
Belgian Bowl VIII 1995 Tournai Cardinals Brussels Raiders 34 -12
Belgian Bowl IX 1996 Tournai Cardinals Brussels Angels 13-06
Belgian Bowl X 1997 Tournai Cardinals Brussels Angels 98-07
Belgian Bowl XI 1998 Tournai Cardinals Brussels Angels 16-03
Belgian Bowl XII 1999 Antwerp Diamonds Izeghem Redskins 41-06
Belgian Bowl XIII 2000 Izeghem Redskins Charleroi Cougars 28-00
Belgian Bowl XIV 2001 Izeghem Redskins Brussels Tigers 22-00
Belgian Bowl XV 2002 Brussels Tigers Antwerp Diamonds 24-14
Belgian Bowl XVI 2003 Brussels Black Angels Antwerp Diamonds NO BOWL
Belgian Bowl XVII 2004 Antwerp Diamonds Leuven Lions 12-00
Belgian Bowl XVIII 2005 Antwerp Diamonds Brussels Black Angels 13-02
Belgian Bowl XIV 2006 West Flanders Tribes Tournai Phoenix 23-14
Belgian Bowl XX 2007 West Flanders Tribes Brussels Black Angels 35-13
Belgian Bowl XXI 2008 West Flanders Tribes Brussels Black Angels 25-20
Belgian Bowl XXII 2009 West Flanders Tribes Tournai Phoenix 12-00
Belgian Bowl XXIII 2010 West Flanders Tribes Brussels Tigers 36-06
Belgian Bowl XXIV 2011 West Flanders Tribes Brussels Black Angels 20-14
Belgian Bowl XXV 2012 Brussels Tigers Antwerp Diamonds 46-06
Belgian Bowl XXVI 2013 Brussels Tigers Brussels Bulls 09-00
Belgian Bowl XXVII 2014 Ghent Gators Brussels Tigers 38-00
Belgian Bowl XXVIII 2015 Brussels Black Angels Brussels Tigers 13-08
Belgian Bowl XXIX 2016 Ostend Pirates Brussels Black Angels 16-15
Belgian Bowl XXX 2017 Brussels Black Angels  Brussels Tigers 27-20

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