Video recording guidelines



Checklist and general guidelines


Things to keep in mind

  1. The games have to be recorded at least in HD 720p.
  2. Be present early on the field (+/-60 before the kick-off).
  3. Try to find an elevated spot, preferably on the 50 yards line.
  4. Always check the camera before the game (batteries, focus, available disk space, general functions).
  5. If possible, have one backup video camera ready for use.
  6. Make sure you have a strong umbrella to protect you and your camera from the rain or sun.
  7. Always keep a dry cloth available to clean the lens.
  8. Be ready at least 10 minutes before the game.
  9. Always wear warm clothes.
  10. Always wear gloves (thin enough to easily handle the video camera).
  11. Use a tripod and steady cam to ensure maximum stability.
  12. Try to have the whole 22 players visible on the screen except at the start and end of the play.
  13. Record the chain and down markers before each play (close shot for “down and distance”).
  14. Remind yourself that you will NOT have the time to “watch” the game.
  15. Stay focused on your work.



In-game recording guidelines

  1. Before the start of the play:
  • Record the chain and down markers to show the down and distance.
  • When the offense breaks the huddle and before the players line up on the line of scrimmage, the view has to be centred on the ball. The frame should at least include the offensive and defensive lines, QB and running backs.
  • The view can then be zoomed out to record all 22 players on the field.
  1. After the start of the play:
  • Follow the ball when it goes out of the frame like on long runs or passes). It may be useful to zoom in a little bit on the action.
  • Zoom in a bit more at the end of the play in order to easily identify the players (this will be useful to record the statistics).
  1. On kick-offs :
  • Try to include all 22 players (if you are far enough from the field) and zoom in on the action when the players get closer to each other.



After the game

Videos can be uploaded on Youtube and linked on the BAFL Video sharing Facebook page.


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